12 Reasons to Book a Virtual Santa Visit

12 Reasons to Book a Virtual Santa Visit

Once you video call Santa you'll never go back

It might be one of the few socially distant experiences that is better than the tradition. We find families come back again and again for spring, summer, fall and Christmas Video-Visits with Santa because the experience is second to none.

Talk to Santa on YOUR schedule

You choose a time that works for you and you simply click on your visit link in your email and you Visit with Santa right there on your computer or tablet at home. There's no need to commute, find parking, or wait in line during the busy holiday season!

Enjoy a more personalized experience

Instead of having just one-minute to tell Santa what you want for Christmas and to say a quick, "Cheese", when you Visit with Santa, Santa will amaze your children with the fun facts you shared in the setup process. "How does Santa know my name?" Why, Christmas magic, of course!

Spend more time with Santa

Our video visits are 5 minutes long, so your child will get more time with the big guy than they would at a mall where you spend more time in a line waiting, with anxious and excited kids.

It's a more affordable way to meet Santa

Our packages start at $24.99 for a live 5 minute Video-Visit with Santa, which includes your shareable Keepsake Video. That's about 50% of the average price of mall Santa photo packages!

There's no shopping mall hassle

With Visit With Santa, there's no 30 minute drives, no parking nightmares, no crowds of people, and no long lines! Visit with Santa right in the comfort of your own living room.

Kids are less intimidated with video visits

It is not as scary to talk to Santa when you do it from the comfort and safety of of your own home. You can even wear your PJs! In fact, it adds to the cozy, comfortable feel of the visit.

You receive a Keepsake Video to cherish and share

Your Keepsake Video makes grandma and grandpa and anyone else who couldn't be there feel like they were in the room with you, and you can go back and watch the fun over and over. Children, both young and wise, love this!

You can turn it into a whole family event

Video visits are fun for the whole family and the time you save not driving to the mall can be used to make a special occasion of the event - pop some corn, bake some cookies, and/or get your ugly Christmas sweaters on!

The magic of Christmas is more real

Santa should be in the North Pole, right?! With video visits, there are no awkward questions about why Santa is at a mall in Poughkeepsie instead of at the North Pole, getting ready for the big departure on Christmas eve.

Video visits are germ-free

Who knows where that mall Santa's lap has been, whenj hundreds of kids have been climbing and sneezing on him all day long…

Video visits are just better

Visit With Santa offers a better experience for children and adults, and at a price that makes the decision a no-brainer. Times have changed, and so should your Santa visits!

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