Fundraising with Visit With Santa

Visit with Santa is dedicated to partnering with and supporting children programs, youth programs, and community organizations.

Our Visit With Santa fundraising campaign helps you achieve your fundraising goals by selling our amazing Visit With Santa experience to your family, friends and neighbors! We take care of all the hard work so all you and your organization have to do is focus on sharing and promoting your Visit With Santa Fundraising Campaign!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Register:

Complete your Application Form to register your organization.

Step 2: Spread the word!

Your supporters can easily support your campaign. Simply share the link to your Visit With Santa fundraising website and your supporters can access the link to place their order. Should you require it, there is also a section on the billing page where supporters can submit who they are supporting.

Step 3: That’s it!

Sit back, relax, and we take care of the rest. Our team will email each of your supporters with instructions on how to set up their Visit With Santa and our Santas will create a memorable and magical visit for all children, both young and wise.

You will receive a summary of all orders at the end of your campaign that details your total funds raised and which member of your organization is being supported. This will make it easier for your organization to assign the funds raised.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Fundraisers:

How do I get the most from my fundraising campaign?

Our goal is to help you raise as much as possible for your organization. As a coordinator, you are responsible for promoting your campaign to as many people as possible. We recommend sharing your campaign on social media to get more exposure. You can share to groups on Facebook, instagram, or any other platform you use.

How long should I run my fundraising campaign for?

We recommend running your fundraiser for at least two weeks. We recommend that your campaign include a series of graphics for individuals to share on social media too. This will help your organization reach its goal.

How does my organization receive profit?

We have received valuable feedback from our fundraisers over the years, and we made great improvements to help coordinators run their campaigns and see results regardless of how much their campaigns raise. Fundraising campaigns will receive a check in the amount of 10% of their total sales.

Can our supporters receive refunds?

Due to the nature of Fundraisers, there are no refunds issued. All orders submitted through a fundraiser link are final sale.

When does our organization receive their payment?

As you can imagine, the holiday season is very busy for Visit with Santa! Our priority is to ensure that your supporters have the best experience possible. As such, Visit with Santa will issue and mail cheques to all organizations during the second week of January. Depending on your local postal system, the arrival dates of the cheques will vary. We will email you to advise you when your cheque has been mailed.

Have more questions?

Contact Us directly and we can help answer any questions you may have.