Fun Virtual Santa Visit Ideas

With Visit With Santa, we cherish moments together as a family! We help save you precious time by allowing you to Visit With Santa in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to battle traffic to drive to the mall, fight others for parking, attempt to keep your children still and calm in a long lineup just to see the Big Guy! But what’s even better? The fact that you can make some new family traditions around your Visit With Santa! Here are some suggestions our elves have for you

1. Give Santa Some Info!

This is where the magic really comes alive. Make sure you enter some visitor information for Santa. There are prompts for things like "Favorite Subject" or "What do they want for Christmas?" after the visit is booked.

2. Dress Up

There’s nothing more fun than dressing up. Your family can wear matching cozy pajamas, dress in their Sunday bests, or sport matching reindeer antlers, elf hats, and/or Santa hats. You could even plan a crafty day of designing and creating your own ugly Christmas Sweaters together before your Visit With Santa. Can you hear all the laughing already?

3. Books, Books, and more Books

Hit up your local library and take out some Christmas books. Select some that make your kids laugh, some that are great for bedtime, and some just because! When you get home, snuggle up as a family to read some of those cherished Christmas stories!

4. Popcorn

Enough said, right?! But really, who doesn’t love some delicious popcorn or caramel corn?! Make some together and watch a classic Christmas movie to set the mood for the festivities.

5. Baked Goods

We know Santa loves his cookies, but he’s not the only one! Why not spend some time baking some yummy treats together and then enjoying them with a cup of hot chocolate before your Visit?

6. Arts and Crafts

Do your children enjoy crafts and/or drawing? Help guide them to make a craft they can share with Santa during their Visit. You could even decorate some homemade Gingerbread Houses! That would be a fun activity for after your Visit With Santa that Santa would love to hear about too!

7. Christmas Tunes

Pull out the sheet music, crank up the record player, or ask Alexa/Siri to play your favorite Christmas carols for a joy filled time singing together before your Visit With Santa.

8. Keepsake Video

One of the things families look forward to after their Visit With Santa is their Keepsake Video. Remember to check out our FAQs and read up on “How do I ensure a great family Keepsake Video?” for tips on receiving a video that your family will watch and share constantly for years to come.

Remember, Santa is here to bring out the child in all of us and he is excited to hear what you and your family have been up to! Parents, grandparents, guardians, caregivers, be ready to hop on too to Visit With Santa because sometimes, even the most outgoing child can suddenly become shy in Santa’s presence! But, more than anything else, don’t overthink it! Just have fun!