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How Visit With Santa Started

Isn't technology just lovely?

Seventeen hundred and forty-seven years ago when Santa and I were getting started, it was just letters. Santa and I still love letters from children. They are just so charming and delightful. But both of us love the personal touch.

We used to take his reindeer and sleigh to visit friends in the off-season, but we couldn't be gone long. We needed to keep watch over the elves (they get into mischief if not carefully organized) but now we can stay in touch with all our friends around the world with live video visits.

On chilly nights in the off-season, Santa and I love to have long video visits with our friends around the world enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or, for me, mint tea.

Santa can catch up with our friend, Polar Bear in Finland, while I bake some gingerbread cookies.

One chilly night, after he finished his visit with Polar Bear, Santa looked at me thoughtfully.

"What are you thinking, dear?" I asked.

After a few moments, he said, "Mrs. Claus, wouldn't it be great if I could video visit with children everywhere? People's lives are busier than ever, but you and I know that children should have magical moments for Christmas. Of course, it is our favorite holiday, so I think it should have all the best memories."

Well, you may not know this, but North Pole elves are problem solvers. They love to fix big problems (which is why their curiosity leads them into sticky situations). So I gave the elves the task to work out a solution.

"I believe your elves can come up with a delightful solution," I told Santa. "They always have some wonderful ideas."

And they did! The elves set Santa up with a video camera and found an elf website developer to create a secure website for Santa to visit children everywhere. It was a wonderful moment.

Santa is very excited about all the parents and children he can visit with now. He wanted all his visitors to have a memory of their time together, so the elves set up a way to record a Keepsake video for every visit. I love that the memories can last forever and be shared with friends and family.

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